Email setup


I’m trying to setup email in suite crm but it’s not working as I want.
I was able to set it up with an gmail email address of mine : the test was sent and received successfully.
But that’s not what I want :
I need to set it up with my own email address, the one that I created for it, on my server.
Mail server settings are not very specific, they say :

Mail server username:
Outgoing mail server: (server requires authentication)
Supported outgoing mail protocols: SMTP

It says nothing about port, so I tried 25, 465.
I also tried with SSL, TLS and with nothing.
Same result : either nothing happens or I’m getting an error : Une erreur de messagerie s’est produite :SMTP connect() failed. (which means an error occured)

Is there anyone willing to help me ?
I don’t know what to do to have it work.

Thanks a lot.

It’s ok, I was able to set it up.
I choose no TTL or TLS and port number 25.
If it ever can help some body…