Email Setup

Have carefully applied all settings in email setup. Using “other” I have entered proper SMPT server address for my hosting account, have clicked use SMPT authentication, and entered correct password. This account uses SMPT port 587 and NO SSL or TLS. When I send test email I continually receive the error message "Error:SMTP Error: The following recipients failed: “my personal email address”

What am I doing wrong?

Admin -> Email Settings -> “From” Address:*

I think that you’re missing the above configuration

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Forgot to include in my original post - Also had filled in “From” Name and “From” Address

Still getting same error message Error:SMTP Error: The following recipients failed: “my personal email address”

usually when you’re “testing” the email thing the server tries to send an email to your configured email of the logged user (usually the administrator) check the email of your user if it is filled correctly

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I am admin. Have two emails listed in my personal user setup. The test is trying to send to the one I have listed as primary.

Thanks for highlighting this.

This is a known issue labelled as high priority on the SuiteCRM GitHub Repository.

I recommend you keep track of the issue for updates/fixes.