Email Settings

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I need to build a panel for editing and quickly checking Mail Settings.

I would like to see only the Mail Configuration information, without all the rest of a User’s Edition.
I have been testing from the Study Panel, but I have not been able to.

Do you have to do it from this panel? Or do you need to build it by programming? And how would it be in that case? How would the page, the link, be left to put it on the menu?

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That sounds like it needs to be done in code.

Check out Jim Mackin«s eBook “SuiteCRM for Developers” to learn the basics about coding for SuiteCRM.

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I’ve been reviewing Jim Mackin’s book but I have not found anything about what I’m looking for.
Attached is an image to show it. It is to create this form and make it available through the url to the users of SuiteCRM.

Someone who knows how to do it?

I’m sorry, I still don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve.

That configuration is a user-specific configuration, so it is where it should be - in the user’s settings.

Do you just want the part about email to be on the top, instead of at the bottom? For that you would normally find the .tpl for that screen and just change the order of elements.

I want the bottom of that form so that it can be edited more quickly by users

I can not find the template you indicate. I do not know if it can be done through the Design of the Administrator panel, or if you have to create the template.
I tried to create the template and it does not work

It’s not worth the trouble, normally people only go in there once to set up email, then they don’t need to change it anymore…

If you were to customize something, you won’t simply be creating new files, you will be copying existing files to the custom folder and editing them there.

That particular piece of screen is not easy to customize, it’s quite peculiar, has tons of javascript, can be invoked form more than one place… it’s not an easy area to customize. I tried looking for the correct file to edit but couldn’t find it.

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I understand what you mean.
I also think it does not make sense to take this information to another panel, but it is what I have been asked, and you know “the customer is [not] always right.”
I have turned to the forum because trying to create the template by myself, I have not managed to make it work.
Also another part of the problem is where to host it, with what url.

I really appreciate your help and dedication

Well, tell your client that part of the application is not customizable without hiring an expert SuiteCRM developer, and it’s really not worth the price. :slight_smile:

Please open a new thread if you have a different question.

Of course I have already mentioned it and it is written