Email Settings Issue


All my sent emails from my suitecrm account are going to recipient spam folder.

How to fix it?

Please let me know fix the fix asap, it’s urgent.


That depends on about 30 different factors.

You’ll find many articles online with advice, like this:

You basically need to take some care about your hosting, your domain, your email content.

when composing mail directly from my domain mail account , mails are going in ‘inbox’ , while composing mail from sugarcrm to leads/contacts , is sending to their spam folder.

Is this sugarcrm email settings issue or domain account issue?

Lots of people use SuiteCRM for mass campaigns and I assure you there is nothing particular about SuiteCRM that causes emails to go into spam folders.

But there can be issues with the ways the Domain is set up, or the account is set up, or issues with HTML content, or… many different things.

There are tools online to analyse your emails and tell you how they will be rated by spam filters, you can try looking for those.

I have tried to send the mail directly from logging domain mail account it works fine and goes into inbox.

Sending from sugarcrm is going into spam folder.

Also , I am sending mail with just test body as ‘Test’ , nothing much malicious content.

“Test” looks more like spam to a spam-filter than an email with a genuine text.

You need to go deeper. You need to see your email source, look at DKIM, SPF, WHOIS, etc.

See this guide:

It’s specific for Amazon AWS clients, but 99.9% of it applies to everyone.

is this a group email account or a personal one?

Be aware that all emails are sent trough the system outgoing account.
Suitecrm manipulates the from address and the from Name.

if possible try with another email account from a free provider to isolate the issue.

check the track of the email which was sent to the bin. What was the reason, spam factor etc.

it could be that the IP from which you are sending is blacklisted.

group email account ,

working fine for one user mail account on same domain
, not for other users mail accounts

sending directly from email settings , is sending into inbox , while composing from clicking on any lead or contact email address ,is sending it to spam.

Recipient mail address is my mail account…

Try sending it here

if it doesn’t work, look for another similar service.