Email sent to my email once a new lead is created

I created a web to lead form and posted it to my company’s web page and it works like a gem. But I was wondering if there is a way to then have suiteCRM send me an email once someone fills out this form and a new lead is created? As of right now the form creates a lead in the CRM but I have no idea of it. So I am looking for a way to track how many people are filing out this form and how many new leads are being generated. I have looked at the settings under both my account and the administrators account for my company but saw no setting or way to set this up, so I am not even sure if this is even possible.

Please help.

You can do this via workflow, but when you create a web to lead form you should be able to specify who leads are assigned to, change this to your user and you should be notified by email as long as your SMTP details are set up in Admin -> Email Settings?