Email sent from case does not have the correct "From" information. Possible bug?

Hi All,

Wanted to know if someone else noticed what seems to be a bug with the the 7.11.7 and 7.11.8 versions when sending an email from the cases module.

While responding to an email received through an inbound group, the mail does not seem to have the correct “From Name” in the response. It picks up the “From address”(email ID) instead of the “From Name”(actual name of the user sending the mail).

So the sent email has the from details similar to "" instead of “Sender Name”.

This used to work with 7.11.6 (not sure of the earlier versions).

Am I missing something or do I go ahead and open a bug on Github?


If there isn’t an issue already there for this, then please do open a new one.

This information you have about the versions should make it quite easy to find out when the bug was introduced.