Email sending to client on case status

Hello, I need to update all my clients on updates on their respective case status using email. please help me with he settings to setup the email

Ok, which part of the Documentation are you following, what did you try, what is your current blocker problem?

I am trying to setup inbound mail setting from admin but getting warning

“Inbound Email cannot function without the IMAP c-client libraries enabled/compiled with the PHP module. Please contact your administrator to resolve this issue.”

So how should I setup inbound mail setting

You need to install a PHP module for IMAP.

If it is a shared hosting, look for an option in your CPanel, something mentioning PHP Modules, and then IMAP or php-imap or simliar.

If it is your own server, you get it with

apt-get install php-imap

or similar. Search Google for the exact command to use for your version of PHP and your distro.

I am using windows and I have installed XAMPP server. so how to install PHP module for IMAP on windows

Sorry, I don’t know about these things on Windows. But it should be easy to find in Google.