Email return reciepts - availabel?


I have been using Suite CRM for almost a year now.

Only recently did I notice the lack of Return Receipts (not sure the right term). It asks the received to acknowledge that they got the email.

Is this something that I can turn on in the back end, or is it not yet available?



In what regard? For which module? You can set up workflows to send contacts/leads/users emails.




I did nto give enough details. Whoops:)

When I am sending an email via the emai module, I am lookin g for a way to ask for an acknowledgement that the recieved got my message.

In Thunderbird, I use the “Return Receipt” plug in. When the reciever opens the message, it sends me a message saying that they opened it.

I woudl be interested to learn more about the workflows that allow me to send contacts/leads/users emails too. Can you point me to a place where I can learn about this?

Hope that this is clearer.


I will toss this one out again.

How can one ask the recipient for a receipt of reception with SuiteCRM?

Is it possible?

Outlook allows for this, as well as Thunderbird (with a plug in).

Thanks for ideas, or leads to where I can find the way to do this.