Email-Reply Issue

I’m having an issue when I reply back to a customer. I have tested with a few dummy accounts.

To date I can
-Send an email directly from Suite CRM
-Receive an email from various email accounts (Yahoo, Gmail, etc)

But when I see an email that has come in (for example Gmail) and I Reply back to it. It does not reply back to client, it sends it directly to my own email. So basically like I’m replying to myself. Also the client DOES NOT receive the email entirely.

Am I missing a setting?

Hi pjay5119,

I’ve confirmed this as a bug and raised it as a high priority here.


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Thank you Dillon.

So after taking a quick look at this it seems that one of my existing PR’s for another issue should also resolve this:
PR #4056. Let me know if you have any other issues. Thanks.

Hi Dillon,

I just tested again. I tested once as just a reply, and once literally removing the “To” email, and typing in the email.

Still sending directly to MY OWN email.

Sorry, any thoughts


Any updates on this? I’m still having the same issues as before. Obviously email replying is a huge factor.


I’m not sure why your emails are still getting sent to the wrong address. Have you double checked to make sure you have all the changes in these two PRs?

With both of those and after a Repair+Rebuild my replies are correctly being sent to the address in the “To” field.