Email Related Field

I am not sure if this is existing and I am too stupid to find it, is a bug in my install, or simply not a feature yet. Since I tried to find it on the Demo page here with no luck I am edging toward too stupid or doesn’t exist.

Anyway, in SalesForce you have the capability to email Leads/Contacts/Accounts directly from the respective page. For example, I can view a Lead, see they are a new lead from a web contact form and I can load up a template and send a “Thanks for reaching out” email. That correspondence is then listed in the Lead page as an email in the same way a note would be.

I thought this would be as simple as making a related field in leads but I couldn’t find an email module to do it with. Am I missing something?

You can do this by clicking on the email its self or by going down to the Activities subpanel and selecting compose email

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