Email record not in list after upgrade from sugar


i’ve upgraded from sugar to suitecrm and all looking great. While setting up workflow i’ve noticed that in my upgraded version i dont have an option to send to “Record email”. Have checked my blank install and this option is there, any idea where i can find this or add it.


Are you choosing a module to run the workflow against which has a Record Email (i.e Accounts, Contacts, Leads etc)?

yes have tried account, contact and Help Desk cases but only shows me

Related Field


Looks like if you change the workflow module the list doesn’t refresh until you save then go back in.

The Record Email is an option for Accounts and Contacts but not for Cases.

It may just be me but does that mean since there is no option for the Contact in related field when workflow is set for help desk Cases i can’t automatically send an email to the contact who reported the case? There is a related field for Accounts: Account name but this sends to the Account email not the contacts email.

thanks for the help if i can get this sorted Suitecrm will be perfect

Could you not do the workflow from another angle to achieve this?

So start with Contacts being the workflow module and check for a Condition like Case: Cases -> Date Created -> Less Than or Equal -> Now

Not tested this to see if it would but let me know if it does.

Had already tried that, seems that if the Workflow Module is different from the type of your Conditions Module then it doesn’t trigger the event at all for me.

Is there any way of modifying logic so that i can get Contacts: Contact Name showing in the related field? thanks again

Hi Darren,

Is what you are looking to achieve just to send out an email when a new Case is created? This is a standard SuiteCRM function and does not require workflow. You can configure the settings for this using the AOP settings in the Admin Panel.



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Sorry i’m starting to go round in circles here and have tried everything i can but emails aren’t getting sent to the assigned account or contact email addresses when a case is created, closed or commented on.

I’ve looked through the support topics and documentation am i missing something, or how do i get these emails send automatically with the REPLY ABOVE THIS LINE etc showing on the email template.

  1. i’ve set the email templates in AOP Settings for Case Created, Case Closed and User Email template (standard sugar assigned case emails are going to the assigned user)

  2. I’ve setup the windows scheduler to run cron.php

  3. Checked the AOW Scheduler and the job shows done although there are errors in sugarcrm.log e.g.

    [FATAL] AOW Array
    [Cases] => 582f0e0a-a392-0ee3-9453-545795290372
    [Users] => b53a008a-5ecc-786d-358b-510a8ffeb899
    [Accounts] => b4208490-f786-8f56-526e-521f52c19d50
    [Emails] => 21ca03f1-7414-f6b5-00c5-5469f3e3a6d8
    [AOP_Case_Updates] => 4a3807e7-a32e-a7b6-2b90-5469f34404fd
    [Contacts] => c9a90f14-06d5-ee5c-f3ec-5252920f1dd3
    [AOS_Contracts] => c2ec0f32-9492-4e37-8952-522ee435c5ce
    [AOS_Products] =>
    [sla_SLA_Definition] => 19258b89-1389-3bf5-332e-52fb571ef0ad

If you can point me in the right direction for a how to document or help me i’d appreciate it. thanks