Email PDF template as attachment through Email Workflow


We have just migrated to sutieCRM from vTiger, due to what appears to be a declining interest in maintaining its open source version. SuiteCRM is working extremely well so thank you to the community for producing a great system.

We have created Workflows to automate the email dispatch of invoices and would like to attach the PDF template of these respective invoices to these emails. I have undertaken a search and found this thread: but unfortunately the solution was not forthcoming.

I have some PHP/SQL experience so if someone could point me in the right direction I will be happy to try any customisation required.



I’m also highly interested in this kind of workflow. SuiteCRM seems to be missing a way to automate PDF-creation and inclusion in workflows and emails.

Any ideas? clues?

do you have any solutions right now?
This function would be great.


No I haven’t, still waiting on someone to guide how this could be done through suiteCRM.

Hey Syneka,

Dit you ever find a solution for this?

I’ve took this up here more widely and i’m trying to forward everyone to the same thread - for comment and contribution…