"Email PDF" from Quotes record: How to automatically insert Quotes field data in Email?

We regularly send quotes by email (with attached PDF). In Quotes record we have a text-area field where we can enter part of the Email text to be used in the Email to Quote recipient. here’s our workflow:

  1. open quote record
  2. choose “Email PDF”
  3. select PDF-template
  4. Select Email recipient
  5. select Email template
  6. copy/paste in some text already saved as field in quote record.
  7. Send email

How could we automate step 6, i.e. pull text into email from text-area field in respective Quotes record?
I see I can add field variables from Quotes module in an email template easily. But since there’s no way to link Email to Quotes record, these field variables end up empty in the email.

I see the field “Related To” in the email composition window (see screenshot). It seems natural this is how one could theoretically relate the email to a specific Quote, thereby allowing the use of Quotes-Fields in the email template.
Of course this relation should be prepopulated when invoking email from Quotes record via “Email PDF” (step 2)

  • How could I add the Quotes Module to this flex-relate field?
  • How could I prepopulate this flex-relate field in Email composition window?
  • Or do you have any other ideas how to automate step 6?

Hi. I would like to bring it up.

I have same issues but with the invoices. I need the following invoice fields to be inserted in email when i send invoice as PDF

Invoice total amount, invoice due date, responsible user name and phone, some custom fields.

I have created nice email template but when i chose it while sending PDF invoice from invoice module all the variables defined in email template remain empty.

I suspect this is due to lack of relationship between invoices and email. I did some tweaks to make email module visible in studio. than i added custom relationship as i did for other modules but it did not help.

Could anybody point me to the correct path as I have no idea where to dig. Lack of documentation makes my quest even harder.


Follow it here

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