Email PDF Action for Invoice - Name of PDF received is Gibberish

In invoices module, when i click on action “Email PDF” and select a PDF Template, the Email Compose screen shows the Correct Attachment name. My Record Title is “4THQ 2019 Invoice”, but when the email is received, the name of PDF Attachment is something like
Is this a known issue? i am using PHP7.2, SuiteCRM 7.11.10.

@pgr do you see this as a bug? verified?

It looks like a bug… but I wonder if it’s already there on GitHub? If you can please search before creating a new one, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

yes i think there is already an issue logged

Possible Fix

Edit File modules/Emails/Email.php
around the line number 3055 add

`setlocale(LC_ALL, “en_US.utf8”);

$filename = iconv(‘UTF8’,‘ASCII//TRANSLIT’,$filename);

$filename = str_replace(’_’, ‘.’, $filename);`

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Ok, cool. Tell me if the fix works for you.

I also wrote a comment on that Issue encouraging the creation of a PR :slight_smile:

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It did FIXED the problem.



Please comment on that PR saying that it works, it’s useful information to know that somebody else tested and confirmed it was ok. Thanks!

I read your comment and tried to do the PR myself but CLA signing is not working. This reminds me of contributing to the code earlier that stopped me at this step and i was never able to pass through this. Can you verify that the CLA signing process is working.

Need your approval to merge it

Thanks for this. I see you eventually were able to sign the Clahub agreement, great.

I left a comment on the Issue.

I personally don’t have approval rights on GitHub, other team members will take care of that.