Email only showed for one Person


SuiteCRM Version 8.5.1
OS: Linux Mint 21.3
Browser: FireFox and Chrome
php: 8.1

I have setup where there are two Admin users. and 2 Regular Users.

Admin 1 is first user, when first installed SuiteCRM

Admin 2 and the 2 Regular User are in the same Group. (Group1)

Regular Users have Email Access Enabled and View All

With Admin 1, I created a group inbound email and outbound email. I was able to see email and was able to compose email. Security Group assigned to Group 1

However, Admin 2 and the two Regular Users are not able to receive email and send email.

View Email: It just say no data.
Compose Email: Error Sending Email. Please contact your administrator for assistance. (Even with using Admin 2 with Admin privileges)

Am I missing anything?

Group emails do not work there are a number of bugs.

  1. only Admins can see group emails
  2. only the email account creator can send from an email
  3. users have no access to view group emails

I fixed all these and have group emails working if you want to try and apply the fix:

Here’s a link to all the problems, the solution, and a video demonstrating how it works:

Thank you.
Do you know if the personal email having the same issue as well?

I’ve tried creating personal email for regular users, but they can’t receive or send email.

Personal emails should work. If not, something’s not setup correctly in the connection settings.

Group emails do work as well, it’s just that no one has access to them except admins.

Couple questions.

  1. For inbound emails does the test connection work?
  2. For outbound emails does the test email get delivered?
  3. Have the users subscribed to the email account?
    (also they accounts need to be created by the user not admin, or admin will own them and the user won’t have access).


For regular users, there’s no option to go Admin → Email → Inbound Email. or Outbound Email. I have to test with Admin user.

  1. Inbound email test connection work when tested.
  2. Outbound emails does get delivered.
  3. Can’t create a new inbound email with regular user. With regular user, I can go to “Edit profile” and add the email address at the end.

Users have to enter their own accounts. If you enter them while logged in as admin they will not have access. Email access is governed by who owns the inbound account.

Users can go to profile and add a new inbound account.

(PS - I think in recent version you can assign the user to the inbound account, which may fix this limitation, I haven’t tested that yet).


You can try ensuring the owner is the user. I haven’t had a chance to test, but you can try that instead of making the user enter their own account:

I created a personal email and assigned to user “team”

When logged in as user “team”. Nothing showed up

After clicked on compose

User - Email 0

Have you subscribed to the email account?

Until the users subscribes, no email accounts are available.

Yes, It worked.
It was so simple.

Thank you so much.

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