Email Notifications not being sent

I’ve set up a web to lead form on a wordpress site, and when it’s filled out it creates a new lead.

However, this is also meant to send out an email notification to the assignee (or anybody), but it doesn’t, and it’s driving me bananas. I think it worked before.

I’m pretty sure this is a ‘workflow’, but I am baffled as to what else I can do to make it work. I have a condition that should be set to run on new lead. I’ve tried checking ‘run on import’, and NOT checking it. The webform submits correctly, I get an email from the website correctly, it creates a new lead in suiteCRM, but then…nothing. No notification, not in spam, nothing.

Please could someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

  1. Does the “Action” subpanel have the expected action?

  2. In the “Process Audit” Subpanel on that Workflow record, is there an audit record of the “Notify on new lead” workflow having run around the time your website created the new lead?

  3. EDIT This thread covers a similar situation, does it solve your issue?

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You shouldn’t need a workflow for that, you should get an assignment email automatically. So couple of things: 1) make sure in your profile you haven’t disabled assignment notifications. 2) make the website user different from YOU so that when you get assigned the record, you get an automatic assignment email (by design it doesn’t send assignment emails if you create the record yourself).

If the above doesn’t solve it, and you really want a workflow. You might want configure your workflow to be Leads, only in the scheduler and only on new records. You don’t need it to run always on all records.

Make sure your cron job is running.

Last ditch check the job queue in your database if you have one stuck “running” you can just delete it, this will allow other jobs to run and usually fixes the problem.

That’s my normal troubleshooting process for this kind of thing.

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Thanks for the replies.

I think this is all correct - although I can’t actually find the global setting to assign all new leads, but the user they currently get assigned to is valid, and they aren’t receiving any notifications.

The inbound and outbound email changed recently (checked both, can view the inbox and send mails), so I don’t know if it’s related to that, I checked the ‘process audit’ and there are a lot of recent ‘mail delivery failed’ notifications in there, and if I try and look at them it tells me they’re either deleted or I don’t have permission, although I’m logged in as admin. So I don’t know if that’s related or that’s some auto-job that’s going to run itself out eventually from when the email changed.

Did you check your email settings in Admin / Outbound Email?

Specifically, the account called “system” which is the one used for assignment notifications.

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Yep, there’s only one email address listed there, and it certainly seems to be the correct one, and I did check that the outbound email was working (test mails all arrived).

Have you checked the deliverability of your outbound email? It could also be that its sending, just not being receive.

Yep, when I was hooking up the outbound email I sent test emails to my personal email account a couple of times, and they arrived fine.

While that may be the case, others may not get your emails. Check out mx toolbox email deliverability tester. Could be its getting rejected by their mail server or going directly to spam. Just because you get the email fine doesn’t necessarily mean everyone does. Based on your screen shot message, it looks like the message bounced.

I did try assigning a lead to the email address that did definitely receive the test emails, and that didn’t seem to work either - although I’m pretty flakey on what constitutes ‘assigning’ a lead to be honest, I know how to assign it to a user (ie they’re listed as ‘assigned to’), but whether that means it should auto-send them an email and to what email address, I don’t know - presumably their ‘primary’, but as it’s not working, I don’t know whether it’s trying to send an email and failing, and if so to what email address.

It’s not a particularly big deal as these are just webleads and I can set an email notification from the website, it’s just one of those ‘suiteCRM blackholes’ that you seem to be able to disappear down for days, where something you’d think would be really obvious and straight-forward, is actually hidden in some ancient pharoah’s tomb.

Hey @blobfish you’d be surprised at how complex email is. I am every time I have to delve into it. You’ve given me a great idea for my next YouTube video. “Deep Dive into Automated Emails”.

One more thing you can check is who the assignment emails get sent from. When you test they are sent from the “system” and may get delivered OK, but there is an option to send from the “user”. So if user A assigns a record to user B, the email comes from A. If A is and and B is it will not get delivered.

Review these two settings:

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Thanks, I don’t think that’s the problem, I assume it’s just sending from ‘system’ because that option isn’t checked, and there’s only one outbound email account anyway. I’ll keep an eye out for your youtube video, as I say this isn’t mission critical but it is a bit annoying, because I feel like it’s something simple that I’ve missed.