Email notifications for Contract renewals

On our Old Sugar Pro system we used to have email notifications sent when contracts hit their renewal alert time. Having migrated over to SuiteCRM and re-setup the SuiteCRM native Contracts module it looks like all it is doing is creating a call entry when the renewal is due, but no email alerts are begin generated or sent.

Can this be setup somehow? The docs are very light on the Suite Contracts module.


Think I’ve found the answer to this Advanced Open Workflows. They can send email alerts based upon the renewal date of the contract, just remember to add a scheduler for it to actually run them :slight_smile:


Hi Mark,

Yes, you can use AOW. It is a powerful automation tool and allows you to send emails, create and modify records. Run on any change of a record, run on new/modified/all records etc.



We think we’ve found a few bugs in the email templates for contracts though.

None of the following Tags are populated in the reminder email from the contract data even when the line items with values and currencies are correctly entered.

  • $currency_symbol $currency_name , $currency_iso4217 , $currency_conversion_rate

The date format always defaults to American if your currency matches the default one (in our case GBP), if you choose a different currency to the default then the system default date format is used

No line item data is displayed in the email, the tag is just replaced with a space (with the currency issues above, the tags are shown in the email body as though completely un-processed - line items are the tag disappears from the email)