Email notification on new web lead?

Hi guys.
I wonder if there is a way to get a email notification when a new web lead is generated through the webform on your website?

That way the new lead won’t drown on the lead list in the crm system, plus you can take action on it. This is of course even more important if the lead has written a message and requested them to be contacted etc…

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A simple workflow should do the trick, set it to “on create” and maybe filter for the lead’s source.

Thanks for the reply @crmspace

Do I do that in Studio? I never used/worked with the workflows before.

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No, workflows are a module, so you should find it in the nav bar.

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Ok thank you so much. I appreciate it. :smiley:

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I been looking into it and I am really uncertain which module I should use for when a person on the internet fills out a lead capture form on our website.

I hope you guys can help me shed some light on this. :bulb:
There is no option for “web lead capture form”/"person form# in the drop down’s options so it makes it hard to even begin.

I would appreciate a lot if an example of how to set this work flow up (for leads and targets), when lead fills out the lead capture form and clicks “Submit”.

I did read the documentation and this:

But that is about assigning to user and not for how to set up a email notification to users (or for that sake admin/specific user/s) when the web form it submitted so that you know there is a new lead or target in the system that needs to be dealt with.

Thanks in advance.
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The module is Leads for new Leads, and Targets for new Targets…

Make your Workflow “On save”, “on new records”.

Thanks I’ll try and test it…

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