Email not working after update to 7.8.8

Hi there,

I have done a fresh install of suite crm 7.8.7 , 2 weeks ago.
Now I updated to 7.8.8, the upgrade process went smoothly, and I got corrected the “undefined” labels in emails and PDF tempalte edits. So that s nice.

Also the gmail mail account just stoped to work. With the exact same settings.
This server is préproduction, so I only have sent a few emails before the upgrade, but I am pretty sure nothing special has changed , it must be the update…

  1. Checking emails on my gmail account in IMAP doesn t work.
    I tried the test button in email client and it returns :
    "Can not authenticate to IMAP server: [ALERT] Invalid credentials (Failure)
    Please check your settings and try again. "

2)SMTP test in admin gives : Error:SMTP connect() failed.

Finally I tried SMTP with yahoo, wich still works…But I need to get gmail to work.

Any idea ?

Thanks for your help

I Finally got to work the receiving of the email, by switching to chromium! I think there is a problem with the cash (js maybe), the “undefined” icones still are there under firefox wich i initially used… And it messed up the inbound email.

Now for SMTP on gmail I am still stucked, I have tried every option in admin but still get the same error message

not sure I understand the reason why it came back to life…after some switch back and forth to firefox and chrome and in admin SMTP from yahoo to gmail…
It is finally back running for SMTP email aswell…

Now I might have a clue, on firefox I am using a pluggin “force load from cash”, I guess this might not have helped at all after the update process!