Email module not showing the mailbox selection button even after creating the multiple inbound emails

i have configured the multiple inbound group emails in inbound email module. but email module is showing the list of emails and the right side top button is missing which is there to select the another mailbox.

got solution by replacing the listed columns in studio for list view layout… after then it is started working.

go to admin >> studio >> Emails >> Layouts >> List View

after that change the columns order or do something then it will reactivate the functionality it seems.

In my case it is worked out like that… still need to learn more about SUITECRM

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Hmm I have the same issue, that didn’t fix it for me. I also tried rebuilding all the JS files in Repair and Rebuild. I do see a file is missing in console. I’m going to investigate that further. It’s weird, because it’s only on one instance I’m having this problem???

Search for jquery.qtip string in all files of cache directory. If you find it, delete the file and see if the error persists after the file regenerates.

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