Email Module - 'From' Drop Down List


Hope you well. I am having an issue with composing an email in the email module. The ‘From’ drop down list does not show any options although I can send an email from the ‘activities’ subpanel/compose email. The drop down does work there.

I have looked at previous forums and have tried suggested solutions but with no luck. I have also tried the below:

• Removed all users from different security groups and placed in one security group with the same role.
• Added email details to users profile. It imports the mailbox but i cannot compose email.
• Used different mail accounts with different smtp settings.

SuiteCRM Version: 7.10.18

Thank you in advance

Kind Regards

have you tried configuring OUTBOUND email accounts???
And also to enable the option form 'Admin>>Email Setting" to allow users to send email by there own?

Please try these both options. Hope this will help you.