Email Marketing Templates - Stored Location

Hello Guys

When an email template is created where does Suite CRM store the HTML for the individual template?

I have made a template manually in HTML it contains an internal style sheet and HTML tags - such as etc

When updating the HTML inside the creator I click on HTML and insert my custom template code, when I click update to the HTML coder, it then changes the email template to what I want, but when I click Save on the email template, Suite CRM seems to edit the code and removes all internal style sheets and it also removes all my custom tags

Any suggestions or ways around this?

Also where are the templates stored in the server?

Cheers Guys

Hi Taufique,

This is an issue with SugarCRM and HTMLPurifier. We are looking into this for a client and is something we hope to resolve and apply to future releases of SuiteCRM.



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Hi will

Thanks for the response

Do you know where the templates are stored? We are aiming to directly edit the templates code