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Email Marketing Compendium: Deep Dive Into Settings

Email Marketing in SuiteCRM uses several modules and settings to accomplish a single email campaign. While each module has good documentation, there really isn’t anywhere that has everything all in one place. I took the time to review all the documentation for both SuiteCRM and SugarCRM and try and put it all together in one document and video so someone wanting to do email marketing gets an overview of all the different settings and how they work together. I also have a blog article to follow along with in the Video.

Here’s a link to the blog article: The table that compares Email Campaigns to Newsletter Campaigns is particularly useful.


Hi Paul!

I’m only half-way through the video, and I wanted to come here and congratulate you for it, this is really valuable content you’re giving us here :tada: :+1:


@PowerQuest you’re just starting to dive into Campaigns, make sure you check this out!

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Thanks @pgr ! Yeah it took me like a whole day to go through everything and try and put all together in a more meaningful way. Thought others would find it useful too. :grin:

Awesome work @pstevens :facepunch:

Thanks for sharing :heart:

Kind regards

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