Email Import - Footer Images for Signature are Imported Too

Using SuiteCRM Version 7.10.11, When an Email is imported, i can see several images created in Notes for the “Footer Signature” images that were used for Company Logo. Is there a way to stop creating Additional Notes for Footer/Signature images from Email and only Import the attachment.

I’ve heard about this problem before, but it might not be easy to solve. How do you propose that SuiteCRM decides whether an image is a signature, or a useless image, or not? How can it distinguish if it should import or not?

Yes, my take on that would be to allow users to have a settings in the Emails or system settings to Define WIDTH argument which will be considered as ignored width for images from Emails. My observation is that the Footer Images typically are less than 200 PX wide while the Inline images are more wider. Allowing users to decide the Threshold limit will solve problem for most of the Users.

That could be an idea, yes…

You could also use the full number of pixels, as a measure of picture size. But these criteria will lose some other graphics like emojis, bullet points defined as images, etc.

Maybe it would be nice to consider, to some extent, whether this appears “near the end of the email”. But that might not be too easy to quantify.

Another completely different approach would be a hit count. Like, “I’ve seen this exact same image ten times before in emails, should I black-list it?”