Email import bug

If I try to import an email which has a plain text body and an attachment, the email body is not visible. Other emails are ok, so I don’t think it is an IMAP configuration problem. I have attached a small example email in raw format. There is no problem looking at this email via IMAP with e.g. Thunderbird.

Is it like this for everyone?
If it works for you, any chance you could post a small example I could try?
Does anyone have an idea for a work-around?

suiteCRM vs 7.11.6
Apache Version 2.4.39
MySQL Version 10.2.24-MariaDB-cll-lve
Kernel Version 3.10.0-962.3.2.lve1.5.24.5.el7.x86_64
PHP Version 7.3.6
The IMAP server is Mercury/32 v4.80.14. I have had no problems with any other IMAP client.

If I wanted to try this sample email in my installation, what would be a good way to put into my database?

Sorry to be slow, just back at my desk. Thanks for taking an interest.
The problem is the code that accesses the email via IMAP and then imports it. i.e. once in the database the damage is done; there is no body.
I attached the small file thinking that this is what the code sees when it reads from the IMAP server. I was trying to be helpful. The question, to reproduce the problem, is really how to get that file into your email account which you access via IMAP from suitCRM. That depends on your email system. One way is to rename it .eml, drop it into a Thunderbird local folder and then use Thunderbird to move it to the IMAP folder that suitCRM watches.

If that sounds complicated, can you (anyone?) import any email successfully which has a plain-text body and an attachment? Perhaps you could send such an email if you don’t already have one. Even this may not be trivial, because some email clients (e.g gmail) add a html version of the text whether you want ti or not!

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That Thunderbird trick might work for us, I think Dillon (who has been doing most of the work on Emails module lately) uses Thunderbird.

Maybe you can open an Issue for this on GitHub? You have all the necessary “steps to reproduce” which is useful, hopefully we can see it happening on our side. Thanks for reporting.

Thanks for the interest.
I have taken up your suggestion and submitted an issue on github.
I have also tried a further test, wondering if the IMAP server makes a difference. I sent my Gmail account a plain-text plus attachement email. Then I got suiteCRM to log onto my Gmail account via IMAP (eventually!). Other emails worked fine, but suiteCRM refused to import the test email altogether. Gmail was perfectly happy to read it, as was Thunderbird connected to Gmail via IMAP. I guess this might make it easier for others to test, as I suspect my use of the Mercury IMAP server may be a little unusual.
I guess for now, we’ll attach some sort of email digest as a text document to be going on with, unless someone has a better suggestion that I have not thought of.
If anyone thinks they have managed to import a plain-text plus attachment email, I’d be happy to give it a go on my setup.

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