Email from SuiteCRM


I have SuiteCRM within my website hosting space, and I’ve never been able to get the outgoing email to work. (Usually SMTP connect fail). I’m on GoDaddy and I’ve read of issues with them blocking mail and / or php mailers. It’s normal basic hosting, so I’m guessing that’s a shared server. I’m trying to link it to an Office 365 account.

I only use the CRM on my home machine, so am now considering doing a local machine install.

Can anyone tell me if the email functionality would work on a localhost server, or is that a non-starter?

My install is Version 7.10 beta-3.



Yes configuring email on localhost should be easy. As long as your PC can access the Internet to reach the SMTP and IMAP servers of your Office 365 account, you should be ok. It should be as easy as configuring any email client in your PC.

If your mail servers require some more specific security configuration (normally they won’t require it, I believe) you would need to set up a certificate in your PC.

Thanks PGR… that’s helpful to know. I think I may set up a duplicate version locally (just to be belt and braces!), and go this route.
Thanks again.