email from name showing as "Root User" when received

Hi Folks,

I have upgraded my SugarCRM Community edition to SuiteCRM 7.10, and it did successfully, however I have got a major issue like, if I send any email from SuiteCRM, from name is coming as “Root user”.

I did check

The main trouble which I am facing is: Business wants the Email should come to the name who actually sent, so it should not be like from root user or some company name, from name should be seen as actual user name. Is there any solution to achieve this?

Many thanks!

This is a bug

About that PR you linked, did you actually try the changes to the code?

Also, does it make a difference if the email uses signature or not? If I recall correctly, I heard some user here say the bug only happens when including Email Signature.

Hi @pgr,

I did try to change in the code, but no success. Also the solution mentioned in the following link , isn’t feasible for our business:

as per the code:

public $FromName = ‘Root User’;

We can provide a specific name, rather than ‘Root User’, but we have got more than 140 users, who want their name as Sender whenever they send any email to particular, so no luck here as well.

Many thanks!

Yes, I understand a single hard-coded value for everybody isn’t a proper solution for most businesses.

Did you try turning off the signatures?

Actually, I never had one :frowning:


And just to make sure, you tried this fix and it didn’t work?