Email Field appearance in Safari

When I go to create a new contact or lead, the email field placeholder text appears only halfway as if the bottom portion is cut off. When I click in this field to type an email address, the typed text also appears this way. I only have this issue in Safari, Chrome appears as normal.

I have a colleague who can only use Safari on her computer, and is having trouble seeing the email that she is typing because of this. Any suggestions on a way to fix this issue in Safari are appreciated!

I remember seeing this issue before, I even think it was already fixed.

Which version are you running?

Do you see the same issue on the live demo with the latest version? (user:will, pass: will)

it is also not appearing perfect on DEMO. This is a Bug!!
Need to fix it.

I am running Version 7.11.8

You can fix it by commenting the line for the STYLE declared in the class

.email-address-input-group input[type=email].form-control

Comment out
line-height: 40px;

But I still think this is already done. Maybe I saw a PR, but it didn’t get merged yet… :huh: