Email Fatal Error (History Sub-Panel)

Hi Guys,

I am a new to suiteCRM (fantastic project) and am not a developer by trade, however i have set up an on-site instance of suiteCRM (upgraded from a clean install of the latest SugarCRM CE) for use by our organisation. All is well, however when i select the “History Subpanel” from the admin menu, i get the following Fatal error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function getRelatedModuleName() on a non-object in /home//sugarCRM/modules/Configurator/views/view.historycontactsemails.php on line 93

Any Ideas as to what may be causing the error/how to fix?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Hi TomB,

The History Subpanel page is looping through all modules and is looking for the “Knowledge Base” which does not exist in SugarCRM CE/SuiteCRM, hence the bug which is a bug in SugarCRM



Hi TomB,

Line ~93 looks like:

if ($bean->$fieldName->getRelatedModuleName() == 'Contacts') {

This can be changed to something like:

if (!empty($bean->$fieldName) && $bean->$fieldName->getRelatedModuleName() == 'Contacts') {

This isn’t upgrade safe due to it being a core SugarCRM bug.