Email date_entered shouldn't be the email received date?


Simple question: suppose I’m away from the system for a week and, when I get back, I import all the emails.

Then, on the history sub-panels, all the imported emails get the Date Created of the import date, which is obviously not what I’m looking for, on crm.

So, is there a way of adding the Email Date, or replacing the Date Created, without manually editing the database?

And, of course, adding this field to the History sub-panel which is also not straightforward.

Thank you,

After some more digging, I discovered that the email received date goes into date_sent, although I think with GMT date.

This is good enough for me but now I need some help to make it show-up on the History sub-panel. By my readings here, I think it cannot be done on the Studio.

EDIT: I wouldn’t mind if this has to be a separate sub-panel just for email.

Can somebody help, please?