Email continues to be unreliable making SuiteCRM hard to use - here is a bold suggestion

Long time user of SuiteCRM, was using SugarCRM until the SuiteCRM branch. Got stuck at 7.8.31 because of email. Later releases Email continues to be buggy. Things as simple as an attachment go missing under certain circumstances. This sort of bug has the potential to mis-communicate with customers and lose business. Or worse, get sued. Have listed some issues over at Github. Have been waiting years for email issues to get resolved, but appears something that is no fun to work on, so they get addressed as back burner issues. Due to archaic email, our usage of SuiteCRM has declined. After users revolting, I finally had to switch to a modern open source email client and selected Roundcube, which btw is terrific, and there is no way I will get users to switch back. That is why I waited so long to change the email client, because I knew once I opened up that bottle, could never put the genie back.


To SuiteCRM developers, I suggest porting code from Roundcube. Yes, I know, easier said than done, but once complete, you will have gold and get your code maintained for as close to free as possible

Which was the last version you tested?

7.13 is the first release in a very long time that had significant improvements in email. Especially in the basic configuration screens which are quite important to facliitate testing and well, everything else that needs to be built on top of that :slight_smile:

There might be a few glitches in this new 7.13 code, but I’m sure they will get fixed soon and this was a major step forward. I know other steps will follow.

Still, I’ve had this discussion about Roundcube with a friend that is a developer at SalesAgility. It is in fact a good client, and we could attempt some sort of integration - not necessarily ported code, but rather some way of running it “inside” SuiteCRM. It’s a hard project, but I agree it could make sense.

Meanwhile, if this fresh start at fixing email develops well, maybe it won’t be necessary…

I’ve tested a bunch.
PHP Versions tested - 7.4.26, 8.0.13, 8.0.27
SuiteCRM versions tested 7.12.6, 7.13.0, 7.13.1, 8.2.2

A few bugs persist regardless of above. If you look thru github, you will find a lot of bugs, many very old, which leads me to believe its a back burner, no fun thing to work on.

We simply can’t use SuiteCRM as an email client for our organization with these types of problems. This is unfortunate. Yes, maybe some sort of integration of Roundcube would be the way to go. I’ve glanced at the Roundcube code, and it looks pretty well put together.

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I have the same view, and have been using suitecrm since it was forked from sugar.

Email and Meetings are an essential part of the relationship with a customer/client, and it seems bizarre to me that there isn’t better integration - its a huge bottleneck in productivity - which other systems such as monday, bitrix, BQE etc seem to do well.

The email module may have improved , but it doesn’t come close to being usable to me - it would be interesting to find out how others actually use it.

Integrating Roundcube would be an amazing step to overcome this.