email contact search issue

removed the cronjob, but just open the crm issue remain!
no other php, only php7 running

Now seem php.ini works well!
The error datetimezone no longer appears on log.
But when pen popup to search contact on reply email, this error on heading:
Warning: Declaration of PopupSmarty::setup($seed, $file = NULL, $where = NULL, $params = Array, $offset = 0, $limit = -1, $filter_fields = Array, $id_field = ‘id’) should be compatible with ListViewDisplay::setup($seed, $file, $where, $params = Array, $offset = 0, $limit = -1, $filter_fields = Array, $id_field = ‘id’, $id = NULL) in /homepages/39/d616817840/htdocs/suitecrm/SuiteCRM/include/Popups/PopupSmarty.php on line 46
and the invalid email address button show when I click on search button

You need to apply this fix

it looks complicated but the only relevant change in there is quite simple: adding a “=null” to some parameters of the “setup” function.

It’s a very strange behavior: from yesterday to today, error timezone about every 5 mins.
Change the file as your suggestion but warning remain. The message “email invalid” happens only if I open the popup the add contact to my new email, and simply close it.

with this new file, I lost the “import” dropdown into list email

old version of file–>

new version of file–>

I don’t think you should change the entire file, only the “setup” function header. If you want to use the entire file, you need to grab it from the branch on GitHub that corresponds to your version, I’m not sure that’s the one.

Can you please send me (via Pastebin or Google Drive) the phpinfo you get from Admin / Diagnostics?

I’m just create new instance of suitecrm 7.9.6 fresh install by softauculous
The issue with search–>email invalid exist
Please try you on demo softauculos: compose new email, open popup, and click on search

You’re right, I tried this now on a 7.9.7 and I get that error also, when I search before selecting the contact. If I don’t search (I just select the first one on the list) the error doesn’t occur.

Have you searched for a similar Issue on GitHub? You could open this as a bug.

I’ve just try the solution offered by daniel-samson, but issue remain.