Email - contact name not being picked from Account-Contact sub-panel...

using SuiteCRM 7.9.5, sugar ver 6.5.24, build 509, Windows 10 home, Firefox 55

clicked on Email Address of person being shown in Account-Contact subpanel
when Compose Email window opened, To: had Account Name <> - not person’s name or email address

then unable to move Compose Email window around so I could actually see the Email Address so I could type it in manually

when clicked Send, it was rep;orted as being sent and the email was successfully attached to Contact and showed up in Contact’s History

Also using SuiteCRM 7.9.5, sugar ver 6.5.24, build 509

Same issue happening. No matter of browser or windows OS.

Same issue on:
Version 7.9.7
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

This is caused by the list element having a blank “data-email-address” attribute.

<a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick=" $(document).openComposeViewModal(this);" data-module="Accounts" data-record-id="a6800f6d-5326-fa85-5849-56c27edc49bd" data-module-name="Example" data-email-address=""></a>

To me it’s happening the same, how can I Solve it?

What file can I modify to do it?