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Email Composer fails to load correctly on Home and Details View

Version 7.11.18
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

If I am in the Leads module, list-view, and click the email address, an email composer pops up and I can select an email template and send mail just fine.
Problem 1) If I am in the DETAILS view for a lead, and click the email address, the email composer pops up, but the editor portion is scrambled and loads way outside the bounds of the popup. Selecting an email template only fills in the subject and not the body.

Problem 2) I had the Leads dashlet on the Home screen, if I click the email address there, the composer windows starts to popup but gets stuck with the spinning wheel. Browser shows the following exception:

Uncaught ReferenceError: currentModule is not defined
at s.fn.init.$.fn.openComposeViewModal (sugar_grp1_jquery.js?v=CbR72jMYFVEsp7RVASi6lQ:7666)
at HTMLAnchorElement.onclick (index.php?module=Home&action=index:1)

Problem 3) No matter what the user selects for email editor, TinyMCE always seems to be what loads.

Problem 3 is not a big deal, but is there any way to fix problems 1 and 2?

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same issue, i thought it was related to a modification we did but looks like it’s not just us. When we get rid of templates it starts working.

You’re saying only by getting rid of email templates did it start to work?
That will not do, the email template is the only reason I need to use email at all.

There are dozens of threads here in the Forums about this known issue. It is fixed in the latest versions.

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I could not find any by searching, only people with email/smtp problems.

My coworker only created this instance 5 days ago, I had assumed it was the newest, not sure how he got an older version.
Will have to wait until he can create a new instance with the latest version.
Fingers crossed.

Hi Pgr

I tried searching but I think I may be using the wrong search terms. Could you please tell me what you searched for or may be you have a link to those threads?

I found these but not sure it’s this issue:

Have a look here

but then you’ll have to navigate the related issues and PR’s. and I am hoping you don’t get lost :slight_smile:

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Updated to new version. Email-body is not blown out in composer. So that works great.

Email composer still doesn’t seem to load, giving browser error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: currentModule is not defined
at s.fn.init.$.fn.openComposeViewModal (sugar_grp1_jquery.js?v=CbR72jMYFVEsp7RVASi6lQ:7664)
at HTMLAnchorElement.onclick (index.php?module=Home&action=index:1)

Can you please try the same thing on the live demo to see if it works there?

And then, can you please specify exactly the steps that take you to that error? Which screen you’re on, where you click, etc.?

On the live demo:
(User email setting is the default “SuiteCRM Email Client”)
Be on the home screen, with the “My Leads” dashlet available.
Click on the email address of one of the lead entries.

Uncaught ReferenceError: currentModule is not defined

openComposeViewModal jQuery

onclick https://demo.suiteondemand.com/index.php?module=Home&action=index:1


openComposeViewModal jQuery

onclick https://demo.suiteondemand.com/index.php?module=Home&action=index:1

The suitecrm composer dialog looks like it tries to load, but just stays a small white rectangle with spinning wheel and throws that error. My own outlook window then pops up to send an email.

Note: In my own version, the outlook window does not popup, just the error and failure to show composer dialog

That looks like a bug, and it shouldn’t be too hard to fix.

There’s a chance that the bug report already exists on GitHub, maybe searching there will turn up something for you.

If not, I suggest that you open a new Issue.