Email Client Status? How Close Is It to a Gmail Replacement?

Have any improvements been made to the email client in the 7.9 or 7.10 versions? Last time I checked, viewing messages required you to open a window for each message as opposed to having a viewing pane and message list pane. Maybe for some this isn’t a big deal but overall my take on the email client is that it is a long way off from being able to be used in place of Gmail or other robust email clients. The Outlook plug-in is a clunky band-aid solution that really isn’t anywhere near a complete solution.

Essentially, our organization wants 90% of the emails they send and receive to be added to cases. BCC’ing all the messages to the Suite is cumbersome. However it seems the functionality of the built-in email client is a far cry from having decent email client functionality (last time I checked). There were other people pointing this out, in addition to going through a period of significant bugs when 7.9 came out. Has all that has happened over the last few months is bugs were fixed but no improvement to the email client functionality and user interface design?

From what I gather, following Github: with the next versions of 7.9 and 7.10 you will see many bugfixes and improved stability of the new Email Module.

You won’t get any big functionality additions, like the folder+preview panes, so I’d say the answer to your question is still “no”, this is not going to be like a full-featured, dedicated email client any time soon.

I’m curious why you say the Outlook Plugin isn’t a good solution (I don’t know it very well). What do you find is missing?

Well it’s been a few months so checking in to see if the latest version is worth looking at? I see one thread recently saying you can only delete imported emails. Huh? Still sounds like the email module is a bit of a train wreck. Is it stable and usable yet to the point it’s not woefully inefficient?

Oh and for example, the Outlook plugin isn’t useful as one of the most common functions my users need to use is to email a document from a case. The outlook module doesn’t allow you to select a document from the case to email.

Regarding email - you come at a bad moment. :wink:

About the plugin, I suggest you add your request as an Issue on GitHub, it sounds like a nice feature to add.

Seems like every time I’ve checked every month the last six months has been a “bad time.” :frowning:

I agree with you.

Please take a moment to read this explanatory post here

I think it helps understand how these problems are being dealt with internally, and what to expect in terms of improvements in the future, both in the short term (7.10.6 is focused on Email and API) and long term (finally getting those tests to help us with robustness).