Email campaigns -- X-Brightmail: 1.00; X-cp3a: Suspected Spam


Each NORMAL ONLY TEXT email, sended via email campaign goes to ‘suspected spam’ zone.




There are many reasons why email messages are caught by spam filters.

You have first to distinguish between an email client filter or a server filter.

If the problem is at the recipient’s email client you can ask your recipients to add your email address in the “whitelist” of their email client and then you should be fine.

If the problem is at the recipient’s email server level, things may be more complicated.

You could still try to ask recipients to add you to their email server-side whitelist.

This may not work because email servers often use external antispam services.

These services often maintain “blacklisted” servers (possibly servers are added here when a recipient notifies the service, or because too many messages with certain “spam” characteristics have been sent from that server, etc…).
You can try to ask those services to remove your server from the blacklist.

What you can do is a series of things such as (but not limited to):
. avoid sending too many identical messages
. review very carefully your message subject avoiding all sorts of wording that may be caught by antispam filters
. review very carefully the body of the text
. make sure that the sending email address is not believed to be that of a spammer
. avoid sending image only messages
. you could also try, before sending a campaign, to submit your message to an online verification service that will give you hints on what is potentially wrong

At times also your outgoing server may filter your message so you will have to contact your provider.

As you can see the topic is rather complex. Here I only posted some highlights. You can find really lots of informationj on the internet on words/phrases to avoid, services to check your messages, blacklists, etc.

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Hi amariussi,

Thank you for your help, this problem is very important for me. Perhaps this narrows down the list of possible reasons:

  1. Sended email ( no code, no images … only text ‘hello’ ) with outlook from name @ ==> Received without problem from client

  2. Sended same email (only text) created with suitecrm’ s editor, with Outgoing Mail Configuration configured’s ‘from address’ with the same
    name @ ==> Received as suspected spam.

Now I see that email editor that comes with suitecrm forces an html structure with empty. May be, is this the problem?

How can I force another template to verify my suspect? I’m looking at the code just now



I have to correct my previous post. The emails end up in spam ONLY IF HTML. So, if I don’t check Send Text Only and

write ‘hello’ , then I get :


What is the problem with this template? or What is the problem with HTML- email ?


As I said in my previous message there are many variables.

But where is the message filtered? At the recipient email server level (just check the webmail to see if it’s in the spam or if the message is marked as spam or in a spam directory) or at the email client level?

Very often, when I send campaigns I create the html outside SuiteCRM (by hand or with an html editor) and then I put it directly in the database (without editing it from SuiteCRM because otherwise it will “clean” it the way it likes it).

This is a tedious task that you cannot have your users do!

Hi amariussi,

The emails go in the spam section of web email application, so the filtering is on server side. maybe, I found the ?bug?

Commenting these lines in EmailMan.php

// cn: bug 11979 - adding single quote to comform with HTML email RFC
//$mail->Body .= “


if ($this->has_optout_links==false) {
//$mail->AltBody .="\n\n\n{$mod_strings[‘TXT_REMOVE_ME_ALT’]} ". $this->tracking_url . “index.php?entryPoint=removeme&identifier=$this->target_tracker_key”;

Then the server begins to receive messages. why? I don’t know. but an invisible image 1X1 px is useless for me.



  1. Images in spam folder in webmail application
    This means that the filter takes place before the client. There may be several reasons. (including a user defined filter at webmail application)

  2. Invisible 1 pixel image
    This image is used by campaigns to detect whether a message has been opened by any given recipient. In addition the campaign module counts the number of times the image has been viewed.
    The result is not very precise because some recipients may have disabled the viewing of external contents and for this method to work, the php script that shows the image must reside on the SuiteCRM server.
    The result of external content is a higher spam score so, added to the remaining score your message may be filtered.

  3. Possible Solutions
    First you could try reducing the sensibility of your server spam filter (but this may solve only for you but not with other recipients)

If you are OK without tracking the number of views of your messages you may keep the comment on the 1 pixel image (and, if you have attachments and images you should put them inline within the message and not offline)

You could create some javascript that reads the 1 pixel image when email is read (but this will end up with a high spam score)

You may try sending a more complex message rather than just “Hello”: this may reduce the spam score.

Have you tried to send the same message to other email servers? What happens?

Unfortunately nowadays, because of too much fraudulent and invasive use of email made by spammers and scammers, antispam filters decide for our emails and apart from being careful in what we put in our emails we do not have too much to do.

// cn: bug 11979 - adding single quote to comform with HTML email RFC
//$mail->Body .= "<br /><img alt='' height='1' width='1' src='{$this->tracking_url}index.php?entryPoint=image&identifier={$this->target_tracker_key}' />";

I like to test removing this tracking image for solving the issue of campaign email landed in the junk folder of some recipeints.

I tried commenting out this line in the original file and it works

However, if I copy the original EmailMan.php file to /custom/modules/EmailMan and comment out the line, it does not work.

Does anyone know why?

I have tried quick repair.

Version is 7.10.5 running on shared host Linux, Apache and PHP 7.0

Try adding to this file


a line like this

$beanFiles['EmailMan'] = 'custom/modules/EmailMan/EmailMan.php';

There is no include/modules_override.php. So I created one and add the line

$beanFiles['EmailMan'] = 'custom/modules/EmailMan/EmailMan.php';

However, I start to get this error message at many places

The file needs to contain this

   $beanFiles['EmailMan'] = 'custom/modules/EmailMan/EmailMan.php';

After adding the new line, yes, there is no more error message.

However, after sending test email, we get this error message.

In the suitecrm.log, I can see some errors related to MySQL queries. Furthermore, I keep receiving same email, non-stop. I go to Admin > Message Queue and can see that the message queue is not cleared. I have to delete the queue manually.

If I try sending the test email again, I get the same issue. The Marketing id seems corrupted. I have to create a new Marketing id.

I think I just modified the original EmailMan.php directly at the time being.