Email Campaigns very slow sending

Hi All!

I am new to Suite CRM and know enough about programing to get myself in trouble.

I loaded Suite CRM 7.9.4 on my Go Daddy server.

The outgoing mail is being handled by ”localhost” port 587 (tested and works).

I have the cron job being triggered by a third party (Easy Cron) since I cannot get the cron job to work on Go Daddy. All the jobs in the scheduler show that they are running on schedule.

The “Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns” job log shows that it is being run every night around 2:10 am. The “Last Successful Run” shows each day.

I created a Newsletter Campaign with 475 contacts and set it to be sent at 10:00 am the next day.

One day after the campaign was triggered only 24 contacts have been sent out. Two days after 45 contacts have been sent out.

Is there something else I need to configure?

Can you please check by sending a test email that how much time a test email to reset for being send from CRM?
Also please enable Log slow query from system settings and also set the CRM logger level to Debug.
By doing this all I am hopeful that you will find out the issue.

Thank you for your response.

It takes over 12 seconds to reset after sending a test email.

I have the Log slow query checked and CRM logger level to Debug.

Where do I check the results?

You can check the Log file. This file will be in the root folder of CRM. Sugarcrm.log
Another options is to open the Log file from Admin/System Settings/View Log option at the bottom of the page.


Admin / Campaign email settings

Check the number of emails sent per batch!

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Thanks for your response mmendes.

The number of emails sent per batch is set at 500.

I did find the Suite CRM Log. The most recent is attached.

Go in phpMyAdmin and run the query at the top of this page

it will probably tell you that you have an overgrown job_queue table (your log shows a slow query on this table).

You can safely delete from job_queue where “status” is “done” and it’s older than a month (for example).

I ran the query in phpMyAdmin. Attached is the results.

I don’t understand what I am looking at. I do not see a job_queue “status”.

Please give me some direction.

If it was my system and I had a good backup, I would run this query from phpMyAdmin:

delete FROM `job_queue` where status= 'done' and date_modified > date_sub(now(), interval 1 month)

You can do whatever you judge is better in your situation :slight_smile:

EDIT: just to add: you might also need to clear up that aod_indexevent table if the delays persist. That might not be so direct, I am not sure. Ask me if necessary.

I ran the query “delete FROM ‘job_queue where status= ‘done’……”.

I originally uploaded 3523 “leads” to the system. When I looked at my data base I found I had 6100+ “leads”. A lot of them have “1” in the “delete” column. Evidently I uploaded the same “leads” twice. I ran the “Prune Database on 1st of Month” in the scheduler. That removed about half the records in the database.

I setup a new “Campaign” set to be sent out at 10:00 am this morning. The scheduled “Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns” started at 2:00 am and completed at 6:00 am this morning.

As of this time none of the emails have been sent out.

Can you tell me how to clear up the “aod_indexevent table” as mentioned before?

I am not 100% sure of how to clear that table. I think it’s safe to just delete old stuff, but it might leave you with a broken AOD Index, affecting global search.

There is a more known process to restart the whole thing, which involves deleting that table:

But get ready for a long process of reindexing, it might be better to do it overnight.

As for the Campaigns, I would try doing campaigns with a much smaller number of targets (say: 3) and have the job to send run much more frequently (like every 5 minutes). This way you would do more tests and you could find out if you have additional problems (for example, email errors, SMTP stuff, etc).

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I can’t get this to work. I’m going to uninstall and start over.

Thanks to all that tried to help.