Email campaigns to large number of emails

Hello, We would like to send out large email campaigns.

Currently we use SuiteCRM and we export to excel and mail-merge using outlook and word.
This is very time consuming and I understand it is a dated process.

We are currently looking for a developer to customise our SuiteCRM so that we have emails linked via IMAP to be able to email direct from SuiteCRM (might be something i can setup myself - not sure?).

The issue we currently have is that our emails are hosted on our shared web server and there are limits to the number of outgoing emails per hour.
This seems to be pretty normal with email hosts now to stop companies bombarding people with thousands of emails over a short time.

I would like to know if there is a way around this using SuiteCRM?

I understand there are email campaign designed services out there such as MailChimp however I assume they would encounter the same mail limit issues?

I am not sure but any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

SuiteCRM Campaigns do have a rate limiter, you can set them to send 50 at a time, for example. Try reading the Campaigns docs, it’s in there somewhere.

Note that where you host your SuiteCRM server is not entirely the same thing as where you send the email from.

SuiteCRM will be contacting some SMTP server configured by you to send the emails. It could be Gmail, it could be an enterprise email server, it could be a mail server residing on the same server as SuiteCRM. It’s your option.

Hi all and @pgr thanks for your reply.
SuiteCRM is set to 50 send limit for each email campaign? - then I have two issues here,
1)the sending mail limits on SuiteCRM
2)the sending mail limits per hour on mail web server

Our emails are hosted on an enterprise web server (same server as the website) i.e. a standard web host
-not with Gmail, outlook or any other major mail hosting company.

I am open to moving to one of these if it would benefit our mail sending limits and practicality for being able to send large email campaigns regularly?

Currently we can send around 50 per hour on the web server where our email accounts are currently hosted.

I wondered if it might be better to move to another such as Gmail/Outlook/ZohoMail - However does Gmail/Outlook/ZohoMail have these same limits?

Might it be better to look at something like MailChimp?

I am looking for a solution for easily being able to send say 200-1000 emails at one time, and I am open to moving mail servers.

Ideally we want to be able to do this all from within SuiteCRM… might there be add-ons/plugins for SuiteCRM which would make sending large email campaigns easier and more practical?

Many thanks for your advice on this!

The SuiteCRM Campaigns limits are “per batch”:

Email :: SuiteCRM Documentation

What this means is that every time the scheduler that sends emails runs, that batch size will be sent. So it can be a limit per hour, per day, whatever fits your SMTP server limits.

I have an add-on called PowerReplacer which improves campaigns, but it’s more oriented towards Email content, variable replacement, mail merge, etc. You get nicer emails, but it won’t address this sorts of issues of SMTP quantities etc.

Some people use SuiteCRM with Mautic, or with MailGun, etc, to take of care of that for them. It certainly is possible to do it only with SuiteCRM, it depends on what you find easier for your case.

Hi again thanks for your reply.

So if I understand correctly… For example, we can select 1000 emails to send within SuiteCRM, and choose for those only to be automatically sent out in batches of 50 every hour, or every few hours or every day (as we choose)?

This will allow me to set the limit in SuiteCRM email campaign settings to meet the email send limitations per hour on my web server?

In most cases we have multiple emails contained within 1 lead. Is it possible for the email campaign within SuiteCRM to also send to the secondary email, and third, and so forth so it sends to every email address in each lead? In some rarer cases we have 10 emails per lead.

Yes, you are correct, you can set the batch size in the UI, and then you set the Scheduler frequency to control when each batch is attempted. With both settings, you get full control of the sending rythm.

About the multiple emails per Lead, I am not sure. If you can get all emails loaded into a Target list, it should work. But I am not sure it will work if you can only get Leads onto the Target List, I doubt that it will loop over the emails list.

It’s feasible with a bit of custom code. And with my add-on it should also be possible, since it’s sort of a low-code SuiteCRM, you can actually add loops inside the Email template that do extra stuff.