Email Campaign: Weird results with target/supression lists

Hi all,

I’m testing an email campaign and I’m getting weird results regarding which emails are processed from the target lists:

For testing purposes, my campaign contains a “default” type target list with 4 entries {A,B,C,D} and a “suppression by email” type list that contains {B,C,D}. I clicked “send emails” yesterday, and all four entries appeared in the message queue (why all four?). Today, in the morning, I discover that emails A and C were delivered (at 2:00 AM, as scheduled) and B and D were not delivered. Delivery of C is obviously unwanted.

Can anybody explain this? How can I examine this problem (preferably without having to wait overnight for the new result)?


I’ve been told previously (see the link below) to use “Suppression by ID” target lists. I had the same problem as you when I used a ‘Suppression by Email’ target list. It is strange why your B and D get suppressed but C doesn’t. My guess is that suppression by email or domain just doesn’t work. YMMV.

Also, for testing, why don’t you set your Campaign to go off at some time in the past, so that they go off immediately? Of course, make sure your “real” target list is removed until your suppression testing is complete. (and then reset your campaign time to the future time/date.)

Thanks for the suggestion, will try that.

I tried that, but it didn’t work. The messages just sat in the queue, probably waiting for the next scheduled batch time. Is there any other way to have SuiteCRM send the mails “right now”?

Go to Admin >> Email Queue (in the Email section) and click the “Send queued email campaigns button”.

Go to Admin -> (System section) Scheduler -> Edit “Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns”

and change the settings to run at different time intervals. For example I have set it to run every 20 minutes.

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Any progress on this front concerning suppression list types email vs. id?

We did some preliminary tests using both types of suppression lists, but with an older SuiteCRM version (7.4.1). Both types seemed to work as expected.

This means that when using a suppression list “by id” it is imperative that we’re not using a alternate contact or lead record with the same address in the default target list, otherwise the person will receive the email eventhough the same email address is on the type-id suppression list.

We would like to therefore switch to using “by email address”-type suppression lists instead. That’s imho how everyone would expect suppressions to work: The email address that a mail was sent to is blocked for future mails.

BUT, according to our tests, the opt-out links no longer function with “by email address”- suppression lists. the user gets a confirmation screen when clicking on “opt-out”, but the contact, lead, record is not actually placed in the suppression list. If the suppression list is “by id”, opt-outs work, i.e. the respective record is placed in the suppression list.

We’re not sure how to best deal with this reality. Do we have to stick with “by id” because opt-out doesn’t work any other way?