Email Campaign - Template has images but removed when received

Hello guys

I am testing a campaign and the email template I am sending has images stored on a public facing server and all can be viewed fine within the email template on suite

All campaign processes are working the same it’s just when the email is received the images are blank

href missing from img tags in received email from campaign,

all other attributes like height, width, altm, and others persisted.

Has anyone seen this before?

Can you post the HTML structure?

For data protection reasons I cannot paste the full HTML structure of this email template but can paste an example of the HTML for the affected images (all)

Apologies I was referring to src attribute not href

This is the structure within the CRM template

ILM Level 3 Header

This is the structure inside the received email

ILM Level 3 Header

If you need anymore please let me know

Thanks again

Hi Taufique,

Is there a reason you’re not using the secure entrypoint method and the ‘attachment’ option within the Email Templates to add images? The issue here is you’re not specifying the full URL, so the client that is viewing the email isn’t going to know where to grab the image.



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Thanks will,

Problem solved

Hi Will,

This issue seems to have arisen from the dead with weird add ons to it, we started to received emails coming through without images

I am:

  • Creating email template

  • Add image with full URL reference

  • Email template is saved, all images can be viewed fine inside the CRM

  • click on edit and full URL reference emails

Once inside the Marketing section of a campaign,

I can select my email template and click edit to “add trackers” to the template

When I click on edit the template opens up

At this point if I click on the “image icon” the image reference does not have the full URL reference?

Thanks again

Looks like the attach image url structure is leaving out the fqdn for some reason. If I prepend the fqdn to teh path the image displays normally. See image for what I mean.

I’ve got the same Problem,

on Webpage the images are working fine.
The get lost in email code. There is no base64 code in the mail and no external link to the download entry point of the crm.

The only workaround which is working for me is to store the pictures on a Webserver an include it from this location.

best regards,

I have tried storing the images on the webserver and refer to their full url in the html code of the campaign template.

Unfortunately this generates problems:

  1. the email is not sent and
  2. the campaign crashes: I am returned with a page with just the SuiteCRM Menu but the main part of the page is blank.

Hi Will,
When user send the email template from campaign module, in that attachment logo download button showing,can we remove it, if we remove it then how we remove it.
Please help me,
Thanks in advance.
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