Email Campaign Results Statistics Not Working

Installed SuiteCRM 7.2.2 without issues on Ubuntu. Setup Email campaign, scheduled and successfully sent. However none of the campaign statistics under View Status are updating -

Messages Sent updates.
Receive Bounced emails in Inbox (in SuiteCRM)

Not working (Not even for tests):

  • Viewed Messages
  • Click-thru
  • Bounced/Invalid…

Any suggestions are appreciated.

For the Viewed Messages and Click-thru Statistics you need to add a tracker url to your Email marketing Template body.

Thanks urdhvatech,

The trackers seem to be part of the issue.

Glad it worked. Cheers!!!


The viewed stats still don’t update. Could this be related?

That as well will appear when you add tracker.

Having the same issue. The tracker URL seems to track click-thrus (thank you for that), but does not track Viewed Messages. I also get a ‘fail’ message when I click on View Status of a campaign.

1.) How can I track viewed messages?
2.) How can I get the Status page to load correctly?

the source problem for me was an incorrect site_url in config.php

Thanks acollins. Just checked the config.php file, and the site_url is correct - so that’s not the source problem for me. I appreciate the tip though.

Still looking for the solution.

Hey, I had the same problem. Just searched through suite’s forum to find out that viewed message is tracked on the basis of a 1*1px appended in the email that is sent through the campaign. So in your mailbox, whichever it is, gmail or outlook, you should enable the downloading of that image.
My outlook used to block that image, after allowing the outlook to download that image(which we can’t view :D) the viewed stats got updated.
Hope this helps. :slight_smile: