Email Campaign is not working [with Log]

I have scheduled the email campaign (with 1 pdf file inserted with each email). Email campaign check list is OK and all ticks are green.I scheduled the email but it was not sent.

Here is the log file.
SuiteCRM version: 7.10.14
Installed Yesterday using Softalicious by my web host (on my domain)

Fri Mar 22 08:16:25 2019 [89964][1][FATAL] log call at: modules/EmailMan/tpls/config.tpl:457 - styleChecked is not set
Fri Mar 22 13:37:23 2019 [43379][1][FATAL] SugarPHPMailer encountered an error: Invalid address:  (addAnAddress Reply-To): TJ Jackson

Sat Mar 23 04:04:28 2019 [668142][1][FATAL] Caught error: stat(): stat failed for upload/import/status_1.csv

Sat Mar 23 04:04:28 2019 [668142][1][FATAL] Caught error: touch(): UploadStream::stream_metadata is not implemented!
Sat Mar 23 13:53:28 2019 [971729][1][FATAL] IP Address mismatch: SESSION IP: CLIENT IP:

I am not sure, which error is there for my issue. I freshly installed the SuiteCRM yesterday. So I have 7.10.14 Version

This is very old thing , I have seen since SugarCE ages ,it must be because of corrupted zip?

why the developers is not considering this crm because I have tried many crm but not a single one offer the features like this for free.