Email Campaign: Emails in queue not sent at the a specific time


Version 7.7.1
Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509)
php 5.6.9

My scheduled campaign emails are stuck in the email queue. Can someone please help me getting the cron job to work properly?

I configured all email settings + Inbound + Outbound + Campaign and tested them. They work fine.

I updated the cron file (* * * * * cd /var/www/…/web/crm; php-cli -f cron.php > .dev/null &2>1) and can see in the syslog file that the cron runs every minute.

Whenever I create an active campaign, I can see the emails in the Email queue (see attached picture) but none of the emails will be delivered at the specified time.

I can only send emails manually by selecting them in the Email queue.

In the scheduler (see attached picture), the job logs indicates that the job status = running but it stopped working since yesterday.

How can get the scheduler running?

See this-