Email buttons stacked vertical

When reading an email the buttons are stacked vertical on the left corner of the screen instead of horiz. across the top. Is that by design or a bug?

Hi dev77,

This seems to be a bug inherited from the base theme, see this topic.

We aim to make many improvements to the theme, and thanks for highlighting this issue.



Are you able to replicate it on your own system? I have a feeling it might just be on ‘select’ instals… in that something that should have gotten replaced in Sugar but didn’t and since Suite basically just uses much of the existing Sugar install, it might be only on some systems. Does it happen on yours? What I’m asking is do you see this on a fresh SuiteCRM install as opposed to an upgrade from Sugar?

Hi dev77,

The SuiteCRM theme was my development. The core theme structure is from the Sugar5 theme, I just re-wrote some areas such as the menu bar and modified the main layout/colour scheme etc. hence the issue is inhereted from the Sugar5(SugarCRM CE 6.5.x) theme.



So that is a yes? You see the stacked buttons on your system?

No problem. Just curious.

I’m trying to log into the demo to see if it happens there… but it won’t let me. Tried using same login in for this forum. Something is screwed up with it.

I fixed it by putting this…

.action_buttons {
width: 450px;

in the …/cache/themes/Suite7/css/style.css