Email Broken after upgrade to 7.9.4

When I try to compose an email, from the compose screen I get this error:

Error Sending Email. Please contact your administrator for assistance.

I get this message in my suitecrm.log file:

[SECURITY] User x attempted to send an email using incorrect email account settings in which they do not have  access to.

I think it’s linked to this bug, but it’s not fixed.

Is there anyway that I can start sending email again?

How do you have the setting in this checkbox? Is it ticked?

I´m having the same issue. It makes no difference if the mentioned checkbox is ticked or not.
I´ve also tried to comment out the function “userIsAllowedToSendEmail” in EmailController.php and set the value “send_by_default” to “2” in table “config”.

I´m a bit helpless at this point. My company wants to start with suiteCRM - but without this basic function we can´t go on.

Is there a solution in sight?


I am having the same issue with 7.9.4

It’s odd though because Email settings allows me to send a test email correctly which implies it works however whenever I try to compose new email I get the contact administrator error message.

Is this a permissions issue. I am only using the one email address.


Sorry guys, but I think this is a bug that’s not fixable. Thankfully for me, I simply reverted to my previous installation which was 7.7.x (meaning that I deleted the updated version & new DB, then I restored the unziped the old directory & restored the old DB - I could not figure out how to downgrade versions) & then I upgraded to SuiteCRM 7.8.5 LTS. Version 7.8.5 LTS works great with no problems.

This was the 1st time that I’ve noticed that they offered an LTS upgrade, but I’m a long time Ubuntu user & every LTS version of Ubuntu has done me good & if I upgraded to a non-LTS version, then I’d end up with broken stuff.

So, I’d say the same may apply here. Great job from the devs to create an LTS version, so that we know which version will be stable.

I hope this helps you guys out!