Email body stored in which table

Hi All,

I am new to SuiteCRM. Can anyone let me know in which table the email body stored?



I think you could have discovered that by looking int he database for tables with names similar to email

There is also an online Schema with relationship graphics:

If you are talking about email templates , then its in Table: “email_templates”

try SELECT TOP 100 * FROM emails_text et
look at the description


Thanks for swift response. I have already looked into this table and other related to Email, Track and Campaign but didn’t get my email contain (In HTML in any column) which will be going to send in next upcoming Campaign.

Thanks Mwaleedraza and Bmwtourer for your response. I feel this is the best community where everyone tries to help each problem very promptly.


If you’re talking about future emails then you’re probably talking about Email Templates, which are in email_templates table like @mwaleedraza wrote above.

Can you please send screenshot. Thanks