Email attachement / image not in the email when sending the email campaign

Hi ! I got a poroblem with the email attachments in the suiteCRM campaign.

I have SuiteCRM 7.12.2 installed in a ubuntu 20.04 server.

The scheduler are working perfectly.

The problem is that when I want to include an image in my campaign Template, I can choose the image, the image appears in the template, I save the template. Then when I send the campaign, the email is sent WITHOUT the image inside…

All the permissions are okay on all the folder of suite CRM (recursives also)

When I choose a file for email attachment, suitecrm choose directory Cache/Modules/Images.

I Tryed to modify the link to my web link :

https://“my server link”/cache/modules/images/

But same thing. The image does not appear in the email when sent…

Do you guys have an Idea of What I could Try ?