Email Archiving via a bcc mailbox

I know the Commercial versions of Sugar have an email archiving feature, where a user can just bcc an email and Sugar collects it from the email box and archives it.

I used to use a free plugin called “Email to Sugar” which worked quite well, but since SugarForge is gone is no longer available.

is there any potential for having such a feature in SuiteCrm?

I do have the original code and manual if anyone is interested It was a basic php script that runs and uses a group mailbox.

Bump! I want to do this too.

I noticed this in the google cache:

But, I don’t see that as an option anywhere.


What are you trying to do?

You are using an external email client? You want to save a copy of your email in SuiteCRM?

What email client do you use? Outlook? Thunderbird? If not, are you willing to switch?

There are email archiving plug ins for both of th above mentioned email client.

They work seamlessly! (I can vouch for ease of use and time saving using the Thunderbird plug in)

Let me know if this will resolve your archiving issues


I personally use Outlook. However our Suitecrm setup mainly uses Accounts, often without a related contact. Therefore the Auto archiving feature on the Outlook plugin doesn’t work for us as it needs a contact.


Thanks for commenting on the Outlook plug in.

The Thundbird plug in allows for archiving for multiple things:

Project tasks

Have you considered using Thunderbird? This would seemingly allow you to archive your emails quickly and easily like you want to d.


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May be this plugin can help you in BCC archiving…