Email and pop up reminders not working for Meetings

I am using SuiteCRM version 7.10.9 and I have a problem with the emails that the system should send automatically once we set up a meetig and we configure the Meeting record to send a mail reminder “any time” before of the meeting time.

I have seen other posts regarding this issue, but all of then were related to the fact that users did not configure the cron job in the SO correctly. I can say that for us all the Scheduled jobs (even some custom scheduled jobs) are running fine and they execute the job related to each of them, however the one for “Run email reminder” is not working at all. It does not send any mail to the invitees of the meeting and neither I can not find anything clear in the log file.

I have configured this Scheduled job to be run everyminute, and also in the summary of the times the job has been run, I can see that it is still in “running” mode, at the date of today and status “done” for the previous days. Of course I have checked the Email Settings and they seems to be fine (if I run the send mail test it works fine).

The only thing I can find in the log file is this sentence:

Job runs too frequently, throttled to protect the system.

Dont know if this is related to it or not.

This alo happens to the “POP up windows” that should remind us the meetings with the same time in advance"

How can I debug or configure the system to make this works. It is really needed that this email reminders are sent to the users invited to the meetings.

Thanks a lot in advance!


Just a thought but I seem to remember a weird issue like this in the past, is there any difference if you set the job to run every 5 minutes? That may be enough time to stop the throttling going on, if that is the issue anyways.


I have changed the configuration so the job gets run every 5 mins, and also every 10 mins (See screenshop please). But I keep getting the same message in the log file, and no email sent/received, and no popup shown.

Any ideas please?

Hmm, all I can see there is that it’s running twice at the same time, I’m sure that should cause no bother but maybe so, could you increase the number further, maybe to every 30 and monitor to see how long a job takes to run?, It may be that it’s importing so much data it’s struggling to keep up (unlikely but worth a try)

Check if you have more than one crontab running cron.php

There are multiple crontabs in Linux (one is systen-wide, then others are specific to each user)

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Hello there, Yeas I have took a look to it, and there is only a cron job running in the system. (ubuntu server).

ps -A | grep cron

Now I only see one job running.

Done, I have modified to “30 mins” each job run. Will let you know how it goes!. Cheers!

Hello guys
I have to come back with this one. I still do not get SuiteCRM to send the reminders for email.

I am able to use the popup reminder, but I would also like to be able to send a mail reminder to all invitees that might not have access to our SuiteCRM.

I have found in the code that the list of meetings SuiteCRM checks to send the reminders come from this query.

$query = "
SELECT id, date_start, email_reminder_time FROM meetings
WHERE email_reminder_time != -1
AND deleted = 0
AND email_reminder_sent = 0
AND status != ‘Held’
AND date_start >= ‘{$this->now}’
AND date_start <= ‘{$this->max}’ ";

The problem I think it is that when I save a meeting checking the “mail reminder” box to YES. The field in the meeting table “email_reminder_time” and “email_reminder” are both still set to “-1”.

So there is no way the query will return any meeting to send a reminder.

If I review the “reminders” table, I do see the modifications done in the meeting record including a new “reminders” record in this table.

Could this be the reason? Any suggestions? Is this a bug of the version?

Our version is Versión 7.10.9

Sugar Versión 6.5.25 (Compilación 344)