Email addresses of email campaigns in suppression list

Hello all,

We are using Suite CRM Version 7.10.7 and we are facing the following issue:
We have created an email campaign with a target list, the emails have been queued but they have been sent to the suppression list.

  1. The email addresses are opt-in and valid
  2. Several emails have been used without success (new emails that have not been used before)
  3. A new campaign has been created
  4. In general, we have followed the instructions of ‘Troubleshooting Suppressed Campaign Emails’

Are we missing anything? How could we overcome this issue?

Thank you in advance for your reply.


Sorry, if you’ve already gone through all that I find it hard to add any other troubleshooting tips… apart from adding some more logging into the code, or debugging it via XDEBUG, to see exactly which condition is causing this suppression…

If you haven’t tried it already, raise your log level to DEBUG in Admin / System settings to see if you get any useful info in the logs.

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